Summary of my JW Experiences, FYI

Since the beginning of my relations with Jehovah’s Witnesses, here’s a summary of what I’ve had the privilege of experiencing: Multiple conversations with my JW friend Mark, plus somewhat less with another friend who has since died (let’s call him Frank). Plus several conversations with one of the elders at one of the Kingdom Halls that I have visited. I have been to one Sunday service at Kingdom Hall A, which was the annual memorial (Lord’s Supper) service, plus one weeknight meeting at Hall A and one at Hall B. I have also been to 1 district convention and one smaller regional (circuit assembly?) convention. Finally, I have had brief conversations with various others that I have met at Kingdom Halls and conventions. So far they all have been able to easily recognize that I am not a Jehovah’s Witnesses. However, so far they all think that I’m a prospect interested in the Bible, and they do not know that I’m trying to influence them away from the Watchtower Society and toward Jesus. With the exception of my original friend Mark. He knows that I don’t plan on converting, but he keeps meeting with me. I have explained to him that I still want to learn accurately what they believe. So I think he keeps holding out hope that he will convert me. Meanwhile I continue to give him things to challenge his thinking and his blind acceptance of what the Watchtower says. It has been at times frustating and taxing on my patience, but also very often pleasurable and fun. Part of the enjoyment is the excitement of being “undercover.”


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