What I mean by “undercover”

I just want to clarify:
I am not a Jehovah’s Witness. And I’m not attending a kingdom hall regularly posing as a JW.
By “undercover” I mean that I am acting as if I’m an interested party in what the Bible teaches, and in what the Watchtower Society teaches. My purpose (or ulterior motive, or hidden agenda) is to develop relationships with Jehovah’s Witnesses, attempting to make following Jesus attractive, rather than following the Watchtower Society.
I’m doing this, not to feel superior, or win arguments, or have hot debates, but because I honestly care about them, and consider them to be in bondage to a human organization rather than being free in Christ.
Most regular JW’s, if they were to discover what I’m really up to, would tend to break off their relationship with me. They are trained to do so. If an elder or other higher-up should discover my agenda, they would forbid their members from meeting with me.
So far I am highly amazed that neither the regular JW’s that I know, nor the elders that I have met and chatted with, have cut me off. I’m not sure whether (1) I have been successful in my being “undercover,” or (2) they do not yet see me as a threat, or (3) God has blinded them to my real intentions, protecting the relationships that I have developed. Whatever the case, I am going with it, sometimes instigating my meetings with them, and at other times accepting invitations from them. So far so good, but I realize that my window of opportunity could be slammed shut at any time.


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