Convention at Cow Palace, San Francisco

Cow PalaceThis picture is from the 2012 regional convention I attended with my friend Mark at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. It was possibly the most boring event I have ever been to, excruciatingly difficult to sit through for a whole day. Unless you were a JW, you would never choose to subject yourself to such a boring string of talking heads. So what made the effort worth it? The opportunities for conversations that it spawned, not only with Mark, but also with people that we met at the event.
During a break, I met a man who asked me, “Are you enjoying the convention?” How was I to answer? I wanted to say “No, the only thing I can think of that would be more boring would be watching paint dry.” But of course I couldn’t risk offending him and those within earshot. I honestly believe that the Lord gave me the words to say. I replied, “I’m really glad I came.” It has become my standard answer to that same question that I have been asked at least six times now.
Fast forward to my more recent visit to the local kingdom hall during Thanksgiving week. When someone asked me if I had enjoyed the meeting, I could honestly reply without hesitation, “I’m really glad I came.” And inside my head, the rest of my answer was “so I can talk with you and others about Jesus and eternal life.”


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