Is Jesus Your Mediator?

Do you want to have a little fun while ministering to Jehovah’s Witnesses? Whether they’re at your door, or they’re a friend or co-worker, ask them whether Jesus is their mediator. The official Watchtower teaching is that no, Jesus is not their mediator unless they’re one of the 144,000. While they believe that Jesus is their ransom, he is the mediator of the New Covenant, which in their view applies only to the annointed class. (See the helpful info at for research.) But here’s the catch: Not many average JW’s know this, and they think that yes, Jesus is their mediator. I have had two JW’s at my door disagreeing with each other over this one. I suggested that they ask their elders about it.
It seems that in the Watchtower teaching, the “great crowd” gets the short end of the stick all around. They’re expected to bear 100 percent of the responsibility for being a believer, but gain very little of the benefits. Actually only one benefit: the forgiveness of sin through the ransom of Jesus. And that benefit is conditional on ongoing performance. In contrast, according to scripture, “everyone who believes” receives all the benefits promised to God’s people, including adoption as sonship, heavenly reward, eternal life, Jesus as mediator, as well as being heirs, kings, and priests as members of the New Covenant.


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