Assurance of Eternal Life

Little did I know that when I first met Mark about 30 years ago (I think), I would be interacting with him about scripture for so long, with (seemingly) little or no results. I do get encouraging glimmers though–times when he acknowledges that what I’m saying makes sense, and expressions of doubt about what the Watchtower teaches. But he still remains firmly in the rut of following the Watchtower teaching wholeheartedly. It’s often frustrating, but also at times exhilerating. It at least gives me a deeper appreciation of what we as true believers have in Christ.

I just got off the phone with Randy, a new JW friend of mine. He’s in his 80’s, and I met him last week at the Kingdom Hall. We talked after the meeting, and I shared with him one of my favorite verses, I John 1:9, and asked for his opinion about it. He gave me his phone number so we could talk some more. Today I asked him what he thought of this verse that seems to convey a present assurance that one can know for certain that he or she has eternal life. It was almost as if he couldn’t see it in the verse. Spiritual blindness, I suppose. Frustrating again. I have to remember that the results are not up to me, and that I may not see any for a long time, if ever. I just need to be faithful in sharing the truth. The results are up to God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I do pray that Randy will begin to see the truth soon. He probably doesn’t have as much time left as my friend Mark. I already lost one JW friend, Nate, who never saw the truth that I know of. So why did God have me sharing with him? I don’t know. Maybe it will influence someone else, even someone that I am not aware of. I hope and pray so. The results are up to God.


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