Most JW’s unaware of recent doctrinal change.

Today I talked with my friend Mark on the phone, arranging for a visit some time soon. I asked him if he was aware of the recent doctrinal change. He had absolutely no knowledge of it whatsoever. The change is documented on the website, but is not easy to find. It is found in the notes of the annual meeting which took place in October of 2012. The change demotes the 144,000 from “Faithful and Discreet Slave” status to being part of the “domestics,” along with the great crowd. The F&DS is now seen as consisting ONLY of the governing body. The demeanor of the governing body members as they relate this news (in the videos) makes it sound like the great crowd has been promoted, but in reality their status has not changed at all. Mark’s reaction is typical of all the JW’s I have asked about the change. None of them know about it, except the circuit overseer I talked with last Tuesday at the local kingdom hall. He says that when the news is soon put into the Watchtower mag, then all JW’s will become aware of it.
I’m just so amazed at the way this HUGE news is being handled, or rather not handled. On the one hand, the governing body seems to be so excited about the change (as seen on the website in the videos), but on the other hand they seem so passe; the news is buried on an obscure page of the website, and nothing has been announced at the meetings. I’m just perplexed. It would be like your favorite store announcing in their annual shareholders’ meeting “We’re so excited! We’re going to start selling peppermint ice cream!” And then they bury the ice cream behind packages of frozen giblets.


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