“I understand what you’re saying.”

I have already shared what I say when a JW asks me if I’m enjoying myself at the kingdom hall or conference (both excruciatingly boring): “I’m really glad I came.”
Yesterday I met with my friend Mark and one of his elders, Robert, for about an hour and a half. I had submitted ahead of time some questions for Robert:
1. Can you summarize the content of the gospel or “good news” in a few sentences? How does that compare with Paul’s summary in 1 Corinthians 15?
2. How did the “2520 years” interpretation come about for Daniel 4? Rational study or revelation, or some other process? 3. Explain the relationship between Jesus and Michael.
4. Are you aware of the doctrinal change that happened in October of 2012? Many JW’s I talk with don’t seem to be aware of it.
We only had time to address 1,2, and 4 somewhat. As he gave his standard answers, he would ask me along the way if his answer made sense to me, or if I could accept it. I had to find words that would not give agreement to the Watchtower view, while also not sounding antagonistic, thereby risking our conversation being squelched in the moment, or my ongoing relationship with Mark being cut off. The Lord seemed to give me the answer I needed: “I understand what you’re saying.” I used it a lot. And as far as I can tell, Robert still thinks of me as, not a threat, but as a potential convert seeking answers to questions before committing.


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