“They might be wrong” (!)

Sharing with Mark this last time (in a restaurant, and again later after meeting with one of his elders), I experienced an openness with him that I never had before.
In the restaurant, I pointed out to him (for the umpteenth time) how the Watchtower’s view that Jesus is mediator for only the 144,000 differs from his view that Jesus is mediator for all believers, even those in the great crowd. I wouldn’t let him slough off the fact that he DISAGREES with the governing body. That’s a big deal. The governing body is NOT to be questioned. Mark finally admitted “I think that they might be wrong.” Wow! That’s huge! I told him his secret is safe with me, and that I wouldn’t tell on him. His response: Nervous laughter. I notice a lot of nervous laughter among JW’s.
While meeting with the elder (Robert), I had him explain the process of how the “2520 years” interpretation for Daniel 4 came about. He showed me the history of that belief (as told by the Watchtower), which quite honestly told how the concept originated from Mr. Brown and Mr. Barbour. I had him clarify whether he thought it came from divine inspiration/revelation or by human logic. I did not really care what his answer would be; I just wanted him to respond in front of Mark, so Mark could begin to see the very human origin of the teaching. After the elder left us, I brought up the subject again, and for the first time Mark expressed possible doubts about the legitimacy of interpreting Daniel 4 in such a contrived manner. He also recognized that the whole of the Watchtower system and authority rests on that one strange interpretation of one biblical chapter, Daniel 4.
I won no arguments that day, but I believe God is germinating seeds of doubt inside Mark concerning the authority of the Watchtower and the governing body. Mark is experiencing what seems to us to be baby steps. To him they are leaps over a yawning chasm. Lord, please help him. He needs you now like he never has before.


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