The Puzzle

“Scripture is like a big puzzle, and it’s very difficult to figure out.” So says my friend Mark. From what is said among JW’s, and implicit in what I read from their publications, I get the impression that the Watchtower society wants to encourage the idea that scripture is too difficult for one to understand on one’s own. Their members need the governing body to interpret scripture for them, or as they call it “distributing spiritual food to the domestics.”
Recently I challenged Mark about the concept of the puzzle. I said that yes, scripture is like a puzzle, but it’s like one of those made for young children–really easy. The problem is that people make it too difficult. It’s like they’re using the wrong picture to try to complete the puzzle, and they’re trying to force the pieces to fit where they don’t belong.
Ideally we would approach scripture with no preconceived picture in mind, just allowing it to speak for itself. But we all have biases. Understanding scripture is not difficult. Getting rid of our preconceived ideas is very difficult. But that’s what we need to do.
I asked Mark’s elder about how their unique interpretation of Daniel 4 came about. My prodding was to try to determine whether he would say it came about by inspiration or by logic and reasoning. His answer seemed to indicate reasoning rather than revelation. Which is interesting. Apparrently the governing body are the only ones capable of reliable reasoning when it comes to biblical interpretation. I think I’ll bring that up with Mark next time I’m with him.


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