What is it with JW’s and bodies?

Jehovah’s Witnesses seem to have a semi-dualistic view of the physical body. They go to great lengths to argue that no physical body is compatible with the heavenly realm. And so they argue that there is no physical resurrection, either of Jesus or of anybody else. There are thus three possibilities for the death of the believer. (1) Surviving armageddon and thus keeping one’s physical body to live on earth, (2) Dying before armageddon at which time one ceases to exist but is given a new body after armageddon, to live on earth, or (3) for only the 144,000, dying and entering heaven with a “spirit-body.”
Lately I have been talking with Mark about what happened with Jesus in the JW system. How many bodies has he had? Let’s count. (1) His pre-existence as Michael the archangel in a spirit-body. (2) His existence as a human, Jesus, in a physical body. (3) His post-resurrection appearances in a different body (Is that one body or several different bodies at each separate appearance?). And (4) His present existence as Michael the archangel in a spirit-body. So at least 4 bodies, and maybe more.
So I asked Mark how all this works. What part of Michael is passed on to Jesus, and again to other bodies, and again to Michael? If you cease to exist when you die, what is planted in the new body?
He admitted “I don’t see how that could work.” That’s a huge confession. Not just “I don’t know how it works, but that’s what I believe.” No, he actually said “I don’t see how that could work.” He sees the absurdity of it all, at least a little bit.
I could have added to his confusion by pointing out that the Watchtower then goes on to argue that Jehovah, or God the Father, has a body! Even though Jesus said “God is Spirit.” It’s kind of a scizophrenic view. Physical bodies are bad! No, they’re good! Bad! Good!


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