Identifying Counterfeit Christianity

It has been said that the best way to detect counterfeit money is to be intimately familiar with the real. The same is true of biblical Christianity. The best way to tell in what areas the Jehovah’s Witnesses are off track, is to work on becoming familiar with what the Bible actually says. That means we need to read it. And read it. And read it. I have found this to be more effective than reading books or websites about Jehovah’s Witnesses.

There have been moments when a Jehovah’s Witness makes a point in their argument, and I find myself thinking “Oh, my! They might be right!” This happens less and less as I become more and more familiar with what the Bible actually says, in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. And I don’t mean memorizing the minutia of the Bible; rest assured that you’re not going for trivia-master here. A balanced overview of the big picture is what’s most important. After all, the Bible is a record of God’s dealings with man through the ages. Getting a feel for the Old Covenant and the New Covenant is one of the most important things to acquire. As I have become more secure of my standing in Christ, completely by God’s grace (unmerited favor), through faith (trusting in another rather than myself), I can smell the counterfeit from further away than I could in the past. When the JW Bible mistranslates John 3:16 to say “exercise faith” rather than “believe,” my internal counterfeit alarm goes off (just one example among many). The anchor of scripture enables me to be calm, non-reactive, and more precise in my responses, and in raising issues and questions of my own.


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