God as Our Dad

I was visiting Mark the other day, and brought up (once again) the teaching that so many average JW’s seem to be unaware. The way I expressed it is that the annointed class (the 144000) get all the blessings, while the great crowd just gets the responsibilities, without much of the blessings. It’s like the great crowd is the unwanted stepchild. I mean literally–the annointed are adopted as sons, while the great crowd are not. I expressed how vital it was to me to hold my belief that God is not just my Father, but I can call Him “Abba,” or Dad. From Mark’s reaction I can tell he longs for such an intimate relationship with Jehovah, and wishes that the Watchtower would teach that all believers could be adopted as sons, but the harsh reality is tha t they don’t. And believing that anyone but the 144000 could be adopted as sons, or be in the new covenant, or be born again, or other blessings, could get one in trouble. To teach such a view would assuredly get one disfellowshipped. It’s so sad, and I could see the sadness in Mark’s eyes as I described my relationship with my Dad Jehovah. Abba, draw him and others to yourself!


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