Upcoming Lord’s Supper “Memorial”

The annual memorial service is coming up, which is the only communion service the JW church has all year. It’s a strange service, where the bread and wine are passed around, and no one takes any, unless they claim to be one of the rare “annointed” class of 144,000. I don’t think I’ll be able to attend this year, but I called my friend Mark to talk about it with him. He was keen on inviting me, and excited about the possibility of other visitors that might attend, so I asked what is the significance of the service. He then talked about how they celebrate it on the right date, matching the historic timing of the day Jesus and the disciples would have met. “Yes, but what’s the significance of the event,” I asked. Apparently he was more concerned that the WT organization had the right info about the event than the meaning of the event. It took several tries of asking about the significance before he finally mentioned the ransom of Jesus. I acknowledged his correct answer, then brought up Jesus’ statement about the cup being the new covenant in his blood. I mentioned to Mark that the WT teaches that only the 144,000 are in the new covenant. He was incredulous, thinking that the great crowd must somehow participate indirectly in the new covenant. “We’re not in the old covenant,” he affirmed. “Yes,”  I said, but the organization teaches that ONLY the 144,000 are in the new covenant.” I then wondered out loud how the organization would answer the question of what covenant, if any, the great crowd are in. Are they still in the old covenant, or some other covenant that we don’t know about, or what? Of course Mark had no answer. I can’t wait to ask other JW’s my questions about the covenant during this time of year when they’re thinking about Jesus’ meal with his disciples.


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  1. I like this topic also. I’ve used it with my JW family members. Another one I passed along last week was romans 8:1 “thos in union with Christ have no condemnation”.
    I asked the question: if only 144000 are in u ion with Christ, does that mean everyone else IS under condemnation?
    It was a text. I got no response.

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