The Watchtower’s Apology

After having attended the 2013 District Convention this last time, here’s what I think the Governing Body of the Watchtower society should be saying:

We’re sorry that we require so much of you, and yet provide so little in the way of help to you.

We’re sorry that we claim absolute accuracy in biblical interpretation, yet we’re unwilling to learn anything about Greek or Hebrew, the languages of the biblical text.

We’re sorry that throughout our history we have claimed prophetic authority, but have not been willing to live up to prophetic responsibility.

We’re sorry that we consider believers in the “great crowd,” (that is, you) to be like unwanted stepchildren, incurring all the requirements and responsibilities of the Christian religion, while experiencing none of the blessings that the “annointed class” receive. (Only that Jesus is your ransom, but he’s not your mediator, and you’re not adopted as sons, or born again, or sealed with the Spirit, or Abraham’s seed, or in the new covenant, or in the body of Christ, or his kings and priests.)

That’s what I think the Governing Body should be saying.

I know that this is perhaps the most rant-like entry I have posted so far, but the convention brought it out of me this time. And sometimes not so much what was said, but the way that things were said. You had to be there to know what I mean. I thank God my Father, Yahweh, that He used the convention as an opportunity to spend a lot of time with my friend Mike, sharing with him and others the truth of God’s word.


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