Who is “We”?

During the most recent convention at the Cow Palace, I noticed the speakers occasionally using the pronoun “we,” with no explanation to whom they were referring. Examples: “We commend you for remaining faithful to Jehovah’s organization,” “We love this teaching,” “We are thrilled to announce the release of this new publication,” etc.
I asked my friend Aaron, “Who is the ‘we’ they’re referring to? Is it the governing body, or the whole anointed class of 144,000, or someone else?” Aaron thought about it, and gave a vague answer, something along the lines that it could refer to either of those two groups, or even the organization as a whole, with all its members. It seemed like he wasn’t really sure what was meant by the “we.”
I believe the expression to be one of those sub-cultural expressions that most adherents have heard so many times, that they don’t notice it anymore, letting it slip past their conscious thought. Perhaps they at one time wondered what it meant, but, finding no clear answer, decided at some point to no longer let the issue bother them, relegating the term to the “unanswered mysteries” department of their mind.
I suspect that the answer is entirely clear in the speakers’ minds, and that the identity of the “we” is the governing body. But they’re probably content to let it be part of the subconscious cultural language. By saying that “we” feel a certain way, it is implied that feeling that way is normal in the JW culture. Implied is the concept that if “you” don’t feel this way, “you” need to become part of the “we” concerning this issue. Which leads me to the question:
Is this a devious, premeditated device on the part of the speakers, or is it their natural, subconscious use of the language of the subculture? In other words, are the speakers at the conventions intentionally manipulative, or are they merely sheep themselves? I honestly do not know the answer to that question.


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