What Covenant Are We In?

Yesterday I joined my friend Mark for the study at his kingdom hall. I always relish the conversations that I have with people afterwards, and yesterday was no exception. I approached the visiting circuit overseer, who had given the day’s talks. I asked him several questions, allthewhile playing “dumb,” as if I were an inquisitive Bible student (aka potential convert). My last question resulted in the most interesting response I have seen from a JW higher-up. My question was quite simple: “As part of the great crowd, what covenant are we in?”

He had just taught that we’re not under obligation to the law, since we’re not in the old covenant. And the Watchtower teaching clearly teaches that only the 144,000 are in the new covenant. So my question fit right in with what he had been teaching.

His response was precious. At first stunned silence and searching for words. He had NO answer! Eventually he stammered out something like, “Don’t quote me on this, because I’m not sure, but I think we’re in NO covenant.” He then heard how crezy that sounded coming from his own mouth, so he proceeded to backpedal, saying that couldn’t be right either, and that he needed to do some research to find the answer to the question. He admitted he had never thought about it before, saying “That’s a deep question.”

I think it may become my favorite question.

A small conversation among several witnesses, including a local elder, resulted from my question. Sensing hints of hostility to the line of questionning, I placed the blame for my question on my overly active mind, to try to dispel any hints of “opposition” to the organization. I hope I got away without rousing suspicions on the part of the elder. I’m praying that God may keep the Spirit-protected bubble that keeps Mark and protected intact. I don’t want our relationship to be cut off by the elders. Once again I’m made aware of how carefully I have to tread.


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