Me and My Big Mouth

I attended the annual Memorial (Last Supper, Lord’s Supper, Communion) service last month (April) with my friend Mark. It was saddening and maddening to me to watch all the members of the congregation passing the bread and juice without eating and drinking. Actually, I heard later that one or two of the “annointed class” present had partaken, but I didn’t see them, so I don’t know who they were.
Quite often when I’m saddened or angry I also experience humor in the same moment. (I’m schizophrenic that way.) This was the case here again. My inner comedian asked a funny question, which I then said out loud, and said louder than I had intended. The question I asked was “Am I allowed to smell it?”
My question was heard by my friend Mark, the 4 or 5 people around us, and the usher passing the elements. The result was nervous chuckling by all who heard.
After the service I talked with Mark and the usher, giving an apology for my little outburst. They actually dismissed it in good humor and graciousness. (Whew!)
I also took the opportunity to present the question as a serious one to them. If we smell the wine and bread, are we taking it in, or no? Their quick conclusion was no, and they apparently didn’t think the question worthy of further thought, because they changed the subject. So I let it go, just hoping that the question is one more little needling thought that makes them think, and perhaps doubt the theology of Watchtower. I have to believe that God by His Holy Spirit can use any little thing, including my comedic outburst, to get people to question the Watchtower organization’s teachings.


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