My New Favorite Topic

I have a new favorite topic to discuss with Jehovah’s Witnesses. I have been using it a lot lately, and have gotten more milage out of it than any other topic so far. It’s the topic of the Covenant. The question I ask is: Since the New Covenant is only for the annointed 144,000 (as is taught at the annual Lord’s Supper Memorial), what covenant are the members of the Great Crowd in? It is taught clearly that the Great Crowd is NOT in the New Covenant. It’s astounding that many JW’s, even higher-ups, have never even thought about it. I ask, “Are they (1) in the Old Covenant, or (2) some other covenant that Watchtower hasn’t specified, or (3) no covenant at all? Yes, I number them for my listeners, because I want it to be entirely clear that there are only those three possible choices.
Every one I have asked has been stumped. I have several members who have promised to come back to me with an answer. Those who do answer it give the standard party line that the Great Crowd “benefit” from the annointed being in the New Covenant. But I press the issue, saying that doesn’t really answer the question, because it still leaves open the only 3 possible answers listed above. I like to point out that the New Covenant is described and promised in Jeremiah 31, and that the New Testamant book of Hebrews declares the promise to have been fulfilled for all believers.
It’s a great discussion point to get them to doubt the authority of the Watchtower.


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