Using Outside Sources

Usually using “outside” sources, that is, material that is not Watchtower material, is not acceptable with Jehovah’s Witnesses. They are programmed to be immediately suspicious of any material from sources they consider to be part of the apostate system of false Christianity. Therefore, other than Watchtower materials, I normally use only the Bible and my own personal handwritten notes from studying the Bible when talking with my JW friends. Recently I experienced an exception to this rule. I have some casette tapes (I know, archaic) that I use in my old truck. They are scripture memory songs, so the words are entirely scripture and nothing else. Two of the songs on one of the tapes quoted from scriptures that Mark and I had recently looked at together, namely Jeremian 31:34 and First Peter 2:9. So I offered to give Mark a listen to the songs, and he accepted! We listened in my truck, and I know he liked the songs, because he did not cover his ears, which would have been his normal reaction with music that he does not like.
In that moment I realized something amazing. There was a discernable difference between the scripture as quoted on the bible memory tapes, as opposed to scripture quoted in Watchtower music or printed materials. Even though the words might be exactly the same, the Bible memory tapes had a spirit of freedom and joy to them that Watchtower material does not, and I could tell that Mark sensed it.
Talk about undercover! Here I was, influencing Mark with True Christianity, (which Watchtower thinks is apostate), backed by the Holy Spirit, but a Watchtower official could prove no wrongdoing on my part. I was only sharing pure scripture, with no teaching or commentary!
More and more I’m becoming convinced that simply sharing scipture, plus the Holy Spirit, plus a loving attitude, is far more powerful than any of the arguments from the JW-bashing websites out there.

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