Jehovah’s Foreknowledge

My JW friend Mark called me, and I expected him to invite me to a “special speaker” at the kingdom hall, or to an upcoming assembly. Instead, he began talking about the Watchtower teaching about Jehovah’s limited foreknowledge, which is their attempt to explain the problem of evil. And he basically reiterated my explanation of the absurdity of the Watchtower’s view. (Simply stated, in order for Jehovah to choose to not foreknow something, He would have to know everything ahead of time to know what not to know.) And Mark stated that he thought that my view might be right.

I’m wondering if you, the reader, recognize the significance of that statement.

You might need to re-read that first paragraph.

First, HE brought up the subject. That means that the subject has been bothering him. Second, he said that I might be right–not the Watchtower. Knock me over with a feather! That’s huge! We spent about an hour and a half talking about the implications of Jehovah knowing about evil before it happens, and His plan to do something about it, including the evil in our own hearts.

More and more it sounds like Mark is coming around. But more and more he also sounds as strongly committed to the Watchtower than ever. His mind and heart must be torn as never before. I feel for his pain–it must be torturous. But I also have to rejoice and believe that Yahweh is drawing Mark to himself and away from the Watchtower. If it happens, there will be some ugly tearing (ripping) and tearing (crying), I’m sure. Make it so, Lord, that Mark may be ransomed and adopted as your son!


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  1. Joining my prayers with yours for mark! Tink tink tink …kaboom! In Jesus name! 🙂

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