The Little Dogs Under the Table

Several weeks ago, while reading Matthew 15, I came across the account of the Phoenician woman to whom Jesus said “It is not right to take the  bread of the children and throw it to the little dogs,” to which the woman replied, “Yes, Lord, but really the little dogs do eat of the crumbs falling from the table of their masters.” Then Jesus commends her for her great faith.

At the time I just thought about the principle of Jesus’ acceptance of “unreachable” pagans, gentiles, etc.

Fast forward to my recent conversation with “Bill,” a JW. I had asked him my question “What covenant are the great crowd in?” to which he gave the standard answer that the great crowd enjoys the “benefits” of the anointed 144,000’s participation in the New Covenant. At which point the Phoenician woman came back into my mind. I told Bill that the Watchtower’s view of the great crowd sounded just like the Phoenician woman, like little dogs getting the crumbs from the table of the anointed class. I then contrasted that view with Jesus’ treatment of the woman, affirming her faith and implying that she was a member of the New Covenant, even though she was of a class disrespected by the religious leaders of the time (the Pharisees). Bill’s poker face revealed nothing about the effect of such a concept upon him, and the conversation continued in another direction. But I can’t help thinking that he had never thought about the subject in that way, and I pray that the new revelation will bother him for weeks on end.

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