Citizens of the Kingdom

Recently I approached a group of JW’s as they stood at their display in the train station. I began by asking them if they were citizens of Jehovah’s kingdom. “What do you mean by citizens?” one of the men asked. I explained that both Ephesians 2:19 and Philippians 3:20 mention citizens of the kingdom. Once the man saw that Phil 3 states that “our citizenship is in heaven,” he immediately concluded that it was for the anointed class (the 144,000) only. So my next question was, “If only the 144,000 are citizens, then what are the great crowd in the kingdom?” They said they didn’t know. I then brought up a recent Watchtower article (Nov 2014, simplified) about the great crowd being like the resident aliens in the Old Testament, which they immediately recognized and agreed to. Then, going to Isaiah 56 and Exodus 12, I showed that the foreigners were to have the same status as the natural born Jews, even to being able to participate in the sacrifices, and being able to eat the Passover meal. “If the resident aliens could eat the Passover, then why can’t the great crowd eat the Lord’s Evening Meal, the present-day equivalent of the Passover?” The response to that question by the two men was the glazed-over look as the wall came up between them and me. The woman was more honest, though, saying that she would have to research the subject more. I like it when I get her response, rather than the men’s, because it at least shows an openness to continue to think about the subject. I’m always trying to improve my interaction, with the goal of arriving at the woman’s response rather than the men’s.


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  1. Hey undercover , are you still witnessing to the witnesses. .. ?

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