Quick Questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are at your door. You don’t have time to talk for long (or you just don’t want to). What can you do? Here are some quick questions to ask them, to get them thinking “off track” from their usual rehearsed conversations.

1. If the anointed class of 144,000 are in the New Covenant, what covenant are the great crowd in? (See WT, Simplified Version, 10/2014)

2. If the foreign residents in the Old Testament were allowed to eat the Passover, why aren’t the great crowd allowed to eat and drink at the Lord’s Evening Meal (Memorial)? (See WT, Simplified, 11/2014 and Exodus 12:48-49.)

3. If, since 2012, Jesus’ presenceĀ or arrival in Matthew 24 is no longer interpreted as a present reality, but rather a prophecy about the future, what passage now supports his invisible presence since 1914? (See WT 7/15/2013)

4. If Jehovah’s kingdom began ruling in 1914, how could Jehovah’s rulership been “interrupted” before that? Has Jehovah not always ruled? (See WT 10/2014.)

5. If recent teaching says that “a bible account represents something greater only when there is a clear scriptural reason to do so,” (WT simplified 3/2015), what is the “clear scriptural reason” for a secondary interpretation of Daniel 4?

6. What part of Michael the Archangel was transferred to Jesus, if Jesus was a human and nothing more? (See “What Does the Bible Really Teach?” “Who Is Jesus Christ?” Paragraph 14.)


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