Buzz-Words to Pounce Upon

In talking with JW’s recently, I have discovered some buzzwords that they occasionally use that are helpful in my conversations with them. For example, I was talking this last weekend with three JW’s at one of their literature stands. While talking about the New Covenant, the man (Michael I think) mentioned that the New Covenant gives the Annointed class (the 144,000) the “legal right” to receive from Jehovah the benefits of that covenant.

Springing on the phrase “legal right,” I said, “It’s interesting you should bring up the legal right of those in the covenant. Have you noticed that concept in John 1?” We then went to John 1:11-12, which says that “He came to his own home, but his own people did not accept him. However, to all who did receive him, he gave authority to become God’s children, because they were exercising faith in his name.” I then explained that anyone who received Christ, exercising faith in his name, has the “legal right” to become one of Jehovah’s children. Availability is there for anyone to enter into Jehovah’s arrangement, or covenant, with him.

Here are some other buzzwords or concepts that they will occasionally use that I find useful:

Jesus as Mediator

New Covenant (or any covenant)

Jehovah’s Arrangement

Foreign Residents

Citizens of the Kingdom

Many of your average JW’s do not know what the Watchtower teaches on these subjects, and they also do not know what the Bible teaches about them either. So they are good directions to take in conversations, getting the JW’s off of their usual rutted paths. See my other posts about these topics for more information on each.


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