JW’s Long to Have Jesus As Their Mediator

I have had at least three JW’s express disbelief when I tell them that Watchtower teaches that Jesus is not their mediator, but is the mediator for only the anointed 144,000. The most recent, Mary, whom I met in the city at one of their portable literature stations, became more and more adamant as the conversation went on. She insisted that Jesus was her mediator, and I insisted that Watchtower teaches otherwise. She still insisted that she personally believed that Jesus was her mediator. I told her that the JW’s at the other kiosk across the train station had verified the official Watchtower teaching. She still insisted, but now with some anger, that she believed that Jesus was her mediator. I said that I would not tell anyone that she had said that. (I was half joking and half serious.) Now she was visibly agitated, saying, “Go ahead, and tell anybody you want!” At that point, the man who was with her (her husband, I think), whispered to her something, which I assume was a directive to quiet down, to which she answered, “I will if that’s what you want.”

In the past I would have thought this encounter to be quite humorous. And I still recognize the humor, but now in my heart and mind it’s eclipsed by my concern for Mary. The reaction described above tells me several things:

  1. There is a longing in the hearts of JW’s to have Jesus as their mediator.
  2. There is a universal longing in everyone’s heart for a personal relationship with God, rather than an indirect “benefiting” from someone else’s relationship with God, whether that be through a priest, an anointed “class,” or a hierarchy of any beings, human or otherwise.
  3. God is at work in the hearts of JW’s, and Mary’s reaction is an indication of her wrestling with her need for something more personal than the cold, sterile indoctrination of the Watchtower.

I count myself privileged to be part of God’s reaching out to people who need a personal relationship with Him. My love for these people is growing, and I long for them to experience having Jesus as their true mediator.



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9 responses to “JW’s Long to Have Jesus As Their Mediator

  1. I didn’t find this out until I’d been in the JWs for 20 years. I came across it in the Insight On The Scriptures books. I had always believed Jesus to be my mediator & it was one of the catalysts for me leaving

    • Thanks, Tony. I appreciate your sharing this. It seems to be a bit of a “raw nerve” among quite a few JW’s that I have met. I’m wondering if the issue will grow to the point that the governing body will need to address it. Meanwhile it remains as a helpful topic for me to pique interest among members of the JW congregation.

      • I’ve even had elders admit to me about doctrines they have issues with. Of course they won’t admit this publicly or at the congregation meetings. It was when I was having discussions with them about my doubts & I think they only told me as a way to show that I wasn’t the only one who thinks that way. The difference was that I acknowledged the wrongness of it all & left. Many who disagree with doctrine have to keep their thoughts secret if they wish to stay. Many stay to keep family & friends which I think is a wrong motive. Even my wife reported me to the elders the 1st time I aired my disagreements to her.

      • When I mentioned about Jesus not being our mediator but only for the self claimed anointed ones of the elders said “The WT teaches that does it?”

  2. It would surprise us when the JW would not believe Jesus to be their mediator or just for a small period. We haven’t come across some of their writings giving such an impression.

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