Chart: “To You Who Believe . . .”

I have prepared a chart that I like to give to my Jehovah’s Witness friends. (Click on the link below to view and/or print it.) The title on the top of the chart is “To You Who Believe . . .”. Below that is a list of 16 benefits or blessings that are given to anyone who believes in (puts their trust in) Jesus Christ and what he has done for them. This chart is information that I have gathered from my own study of the Bible. It started as a large, cumbersome document spanning several pages and 5 columns, and I have now condensed it down to a single, less intimidating page with just 2 columns.

Watchtower teaches that only the first benefit (Redemption) is available to all who believe (the Great Crowd believers), and the other 15 are given only to the anointed 144,000. The scripture verses in the 2nd column (labeled “The Proof”) show that the benefits are in fact given to anyone who believes, whether they belong to the 144,000 or to the Great Crowd.

When I’m talking with a JW about any one of the 15 benefits, I like to pull out a copy of my chart and say, “I have found a verse (or 2 or 3) that seem to indicate that this blessing is available to anyone who believes. Can we look at that verse together?” The benefit of the chart is that it is not part of some other religious organization’s materials. If they ask where I got it from, I tell them that I made it myself, based on my own study of the Bible. In other words, the material I’m presenting is purely from scripture, and not from “Satan’s corrupt system of world religions.” I even say, “this is just straight from the Bible.”

When we’re done talking, I then give them the chart to keep! And I usually challenge them to look up some of the other verses. Hopefully, they will notice a subject they’re interested in, and will look up the scriptures later.

I have attached the chart below for anyone’s use. Consider it to be public domain. You are welcome to copy it down word for word. In fact, I encourage you to do so, using your own handwriting, so that you will be able to tell JW’s that you made the chart yourself, using only verses from scripture. (Please be sure to read those verses yourself, so that you’re honest in telling them that you “found” those verses in scripture. You might even be given a fresh excitement about what we have in Christ as believers. It certainly refreshed my relationship with God.)

If you want an advanced assignment (and if your JW friend is ready), you can challenge them to check all of your verses, asking them to give you their feedback at a later date. You might word it like this: “Can you check my work for me here? Please give me your opinion, whether you think that any of these benefits might be for the Great Crowd like I think they are, or whether I’m off base here.”

Lord Jesus, may you use this chart to reach many Jehovah’s Witnesses, and to encourage your sons and daughters.

Believing in Christ 2


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