How Many Sons of God? Part 2

Recently I had two occasions to share the verses in the previous post (“How Many Sons of God?”) about adoption and being born of God, once with my friend Aaron, and again with my other friend Mark. Aaron’s response was “Oh, I see what you’re saying. I need to research that some more.” With Mark the response was “You may be right.” I thought it commendable that Aaron didn’t shut down our conversation, as some JW’s are prone to do, but remained open to further dialog at a later date. And Mark is (amazingly) very open to considering the possibility that the Watchtower might be wrong about some things. At least, he’s tentatively open. This time he told me that the possibility of the Watchtower being wrong causes fear for him. At first I thought he was talking about the possible repercussions of his questioning within his congregation. But when I asked what he feared, his answer indicated a general fear of uncertainty. Mark fears a life of relativism, without an authoritative organization to tell him what to believe and how to live. I tried to reassure him with Jesus’ promise that the Holy Spirit will lead us into the truth, and we don’t need to rely on any human organization to interpret scripture for us. I wish I could say that my words of encouragement were a great help, but I’m not confident that they were. The experience was another eye-opening insight into the difficulty that questioning JW’s must encounter. I cannot imagine the internal conflict that a questioning JW must experience. It just emphasizes to me again, with a new nuance, how that anyone coming to Christ out of whatever background they hold, has to be completely a work of God. “No one comes to me unless the Father who sent me draws him,” said Jesus (John 6:44).


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