My Appearance at Witnesses Now For Jesus West Coast


Several weekends ago I attended and spoke at the West Coast version of the Witnesses Now for Jesus Conference. The experience (both as a speaker and as one in attendance) was A . . . MAZ . . . ING.

Here’s a link to my speaking session: Click Here! (Watching myself makes me cringe. Is that true of you, too?)

Note: Clicking the link above will reveal my true identity! Oops! Oh well, my cover is blown anyway. My local JW friends pretty much know what I’m up to; they just can’t do much about it because they still think I’m a nice guy. I think I am too, btw. Perhaps I should call myself “The blogger formerly known as UndercoverJW.”

Anyway, the conference was superb. Some of the speakers were formerly programmed by the “mental regulating” of the Watchtower, and have since had their minds rebooted by Jesus. (I’m sure that’s in the Bible somewhere. Oh, yeah, Romans 12:2! Ha! You didn’t think I could support that scripturally, did you?) Others (including myself) have never been Watchtower-programmed, but love JW’s and want to see them set free. Before, after, and in between sessions, fellowship and interaction was lively. We witnessed as one man who had left the Watchtower a mere two weeks prior was baptized in the hotel pool, formerly a “brother” in name only, now adopted as a real son of Jehovah! Some of us had opportunities to talk with current JW’s who attended tentatively, questioning and curious. I believe they experienced the real love of Jesus through us.

Whether you’re a current JW, former JW, or never-been, I highly recommend attending the upcoming conferences in Missouri (July 27 – 28, 2018) and Pennsylvania (Oct 5 – 7, 2018), or next year’s conference in Cali. Here’s their Facebook page: WNFJ

Start asking God now to provide for your participation. He did it for me!





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4 responses to “My Appearance at Witnesses Now For Jesus West Coast

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  2. At your video you seem to be old enough to keep yourself busy with better things than to go undercover for such a long time, not coming to see what teachings are right by the JW and which ones are wrong. Like you say in the video there may be many beliefs with many very strange ideas, like the ones who think there is a good angel sitting on the right shoulder and a bad one or a devil sitting on the left shoulder, trying to lure people to become a target to be burned for ever in a torture place with flames they call hell.

    You say God has placed you something on your path, but are you sure it is to go against the JW instead of trying to come to see how false the teaching of the Trinity is?

    • I continue in my ministry of outreach to JW’s because I love them. I’m grieving that they are trapped in as system of works in which it is impossible for them to have assurance of salvation. The Watchtower system denies them the kingdom privileges (promises, blessings) of being adopted as sons or daughters of Jehovah, assurance of eternal life, having Jesus as their mediator, being in the New Covenant, being born again (regenerated), being sons of Abraham, having the Holy Spirit, being priests, being heirs with Christ, and being citizens of the kingdom of God. As one who has put his trust in Jesus, my redeemer, God’s word, the Bible, says that I have received all these things. I want them to have these blessings in their lives too. That’s my motivation.

      • The JW, to my knowledge, believe that Jesus is the mediator between God and man, what Trinitarians may not believe because when Jesus is God He can not be a mediator between Himself and some one else.

        How does the Watchtower system denies people the Kingdom privileges?

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