Stay Awake With Jehovah’s Witness Convention Bingo!

While attending the recent Jehovah’s Witness convention, I was inspired with an idea that would help JW’s and non-JW’s alike to stay awake during the unrelenting onslaught of talks throughout the day. Actually, thinking about this idea and noting down some things I heard helped to keep me awake.

Let’s make a Bingo game out of the convention talks! Here are the step-by-step instructions.

Make a number of cards with 5×5 grids on them. Fill the squares randomly with the following phrases, making each card unique:

This system of things


Worthy Ones / Ones Disposed to Receive

Coming Kingdom / Paradise

Higher Education

Jehovah God (in the center space)

In the Truth


“We Commend You”

Honor or Uphold Jehovah’s Name

Maintain Your Spirituality


Jehovah’s Organization

Jehovah’s Arrangement

“Serve Where the Need is Greater”

Attend Meetings

Do the Preaching Ministry

Trust the Faithful Slave

“Where Else Would We Go?”

The Channel Jehovah is Using

Those Taking the Lead


Patronizing Announcement

Announcement of Obvious

Vocal Crescendo at the End of a Talk

Euphemism for “Sit Down and Shut Up”

Thrilling / Exciting

Make up your own phrases to add to the list. You can share them in the comments below.

While listening to the convention talks, mark off each time your hear one of the phrases. Don’t use an “X;” that might look too much like a cross. You better use big black dots instead.

I just realized that we will have to change the name to JAH-Go, because “Bingo” might have pagan origins. Or it might come from the gambling world. Either. Or both.

Anyway, see my sample below, and Have Fun!



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4 responses to “Stay Awake With Jehovah’s Witness Convention Bingo!

  1. this is cool! thanks for sharing!

  2. I feel like I know you ….are you on Facebook?

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