Almost Banished From the Kingdom Hall


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Yesterday I visited the local kingdom hall, as I do about once a month. My purpose in visiting is to try to influence JW’s with either the truth of the Bible, or my personal relationship with God, or both. A while back I was forbidden by the elders to share my “personal opinions” with parishoners, and I have been abiding by their rule, keeping my conversations limited to small-talk and personal caring about their lives.

So after the meeting last night, two of the elders asked me to talk with them outside. This was the third time I got a talking-to; see my previous posts about those experiences, here and here. This time they were telling me that they were going to forbid me from attending any more. If I showed up at their kingdom hall, or any of the others that meet on the same property, I would be trespassing. When I asked why, they explained that they had gotten word “from the body” that I was sharing my opinions. I told them that I had indeed not been doing that since being directed not to do so. And I questioned their source, asking “What do you mean, you have gotten word from the body? You mean, all the members of the congregation?” They backpedaled, saying they meant the “body of elders.” (I believe I caught them in an attempted deception there, what they call “theocratic war strategy.”)

Then they changed their tactic, saying that they had been observing that I had “not been participating” in the meetings. So I called them on that, saying that I had my Bible open during the whole meeting, and that when I raised my hand attempting to participate, I was never called on. Well, they explained that what they meant was that during the prayers I was not bowing my head. I told them that I was indeed praying, and that prayer does not require that one bowed their head or closed their eyes. “Wow,” I said, “You’re judging based on the outward appearance!” They replied that they had to, to protect the flock. I said “No, you don’t, and in fact Jesus tells us NOT to.” (Later I thought of the obvious question I could have asked: “How do you know my head wasn’t bowed, if your head was bowed and your eyes closed?” I guess the Lord didn’t want me to use that one.)

They then said they were questioning my motives for being there. Boom. There it is. I called them out for questioning the motives of my heart.

“You’ve been coming here a long time,” they said, implying that I needed to commit. I went to Acts 26 (which was the chapter right before Acts 27 and 28 from that night’s study). Agrippa asked Paul “Do you really think you’re going to convert me in so short a time?” Paul’s response is that whether a short time, or a long time, he wanted everyone there to be like himself, but without the chains. Paul was willing to take as much time as was needed for someone to be persuaded.

They had no good answers to my arguments, and I think they realized that, so one of the elders made me a proposal. He proposed that I write a letter to them explaining my motives for coming to the kingdom hall meetings. I gladly, even enthusiastically, agreed, (Challenge accepted!) and provided my email address to one of the elders so he could contact me with his email info.

As strange as this experience is, I have to think that God is at work in it. I have to be prepared for the worst case: They disregard my letter and I’m barred from the kingdom hall for life. But I’m also hoping for the best case: They actually read my letter and re-extend their invitation to me. There are, of course, other possibilities in between those two, including their reading of my letter and not reinstating me. In that case, I pray that each elder would personally be affected by my letter, and that it would be one seed that helps them get free from bondage to the Watchtower.

Even if the elders throw away my letter unopened, I will post it online, here and elsewhere, so that it can be used by God in other ways.

Okay, so on with letter writing! Please pray that my faltering efforts will be used by God in mighty ways!



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6 responses to “Almost Banished From the Kingdom Hall

  1. No wonder the elders do not like you coming to express your poisoned opinions, which could trick members of the group. The apostle Paul warns us for such false teachers like you.

    We have the impression that they had enough patience to allow you such a long time to enter their Kingdom Hall and to have you speaking on ‘church ground’ about your unbiblical thoughts.

    Having come now a time they were telling you that they were going to forbid you from attending any more is not unfounded and has good reasons to do so. They allowed you long enough to come to their hall and to write awful lies on your website.No wonder they want to take action if you shall show up at their kingdom hall again, and shall consider you trespassing.

    Clearly the motives of your heart are not hostly and are trying to undermine the witnessing for God.We can try to bring people to God and (we agree) that could take a long time. We do have to give people enough chances and have to be patient with them. But to allow them in services where they use their poisoned tongue is an other matter. Probably the JW would not have any objection to meat you at your house or on the street or in a public place, but not in their (sacred) service, where your only intention is to bring people away from God and His teachings.

    We keep praying that you may come to a better insight and that you shall come to accept that Jesus is the way to God, which you keep refusing to see. We also pray that one day you shall find a faith group which shall be able to convince you from your wrong attitude and from your wrong dogmatic thoughts. We pray that God may call you and shall you more insight of the biblical Truth and that one day you shall put aside those false dogmatic teachings of the trinity, so that you shall come to worship in love the Only One True God, Jehovah.

  2. We too keep praying for those who do not want to see but have eyes and ears, who should be able to learn from the Holy Scriptures that Jesus is the way to God and that he is now the High-priest for God and the mediator between God and man.

    It is a pity that the writer of this blog, even after so many years having been able to read the bible and to read the Bible-studies of the JW still did not come to see the Biblical Truth, but stays caught up into the trap of the dogmatic Trinity teaching.

    That Paul was willing to take as much time as was needed for someone to be persuaded did not mean he allowed every undercover person or every hater of his thoughts to enter his private places.
    A Kingdom hall may be open to everybody when there is no service. But when there is a service this could well be it is restricted to those who show real interest and to the own members.
    And that should be respected for outsiders. So if they made it clear you would not be welcome any more whilst they have a church service you should respect that and come to that Kingdom Hall at an other time, or be happy to speak to those JW at other places. Perhaps leave them come into your house?

  3. In a way we cannot resist thinking of Paul. As a devote Jew he too went against the real followers of Jeshua (Jesus Christ) and prosecuted the members of the Jewish group (or often called sect) the Way.

    The JW may luckily enough be not persecuted as those primal followers of Jesus, but like other real followers of the Nazarene Jew they encounter enough troubles in this world of unbelief.

    We sincerely hope one day your eyes, like the ones of Saul (later the apostle Paul) may be opened and that you come to recognise that the many Bible Students (be it JW, International and/or national Bible Students, Bible researchers, Bible Scholars, Russellites, Thomasites, Christadelphians, Nazarene Friends, Restoration church, or Church of God members) and the Jeshuaists and/or non-trinitarian Messianic Jews, are the true followers of Jesus Christ and true worshippers of the Only One True God (Jehovah).
    Hopefully one day we may find you to be a faithful adherent of the Only One True God, working for Him (= Witnessing for Jehovah) and preaching that Jesus is the Way to God, telling about the coming Kingdom of God.

    Do know that it is not yet to late to proclaim the Good News of the Saviour Christ given and about the Kingdom of God and that several true participants of the Body of Christ shall be willing to take you in their open arms.

    Looking forward for your repentance and conversion to the true faith in the only begotten son of God, the sent one of the Most High and Only One True God, Jehovah Who is One.

    “5 For there is one God, and one mediator between Yehovah God and men, the man the Messiah Yahshua; 6 Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.” (1Ti 2:5-6 KJBPNV)


  4. We do hope that you may come one of us, who believe in the Redeemer Jesus and his heavenly Father and that you too become a member of that Body of Christ and the New Covenant:

    “10 For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the Lord Yehovah; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people: 11 And they shall not teach every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord Yehovah: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest. 12 For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.” (Heb 8:10-12 KJBPNV)

  5. Perhaps after all the patience they showed the JW came to the end of their Latin and thought about the times of the first followers of Christ, remembering what the prophets had foretold and what the apostle John said:

    “37 But though he had done so many signs before them, yet they believed not on him: 38 that the word of Isaiah the prophet might be fulfilled, which he spake, {1 } Lord, who hath believed our report? And to whom hath the arm of the Lord been revealed? {1) Isa 53:1 } (Joh 12:37-38 ASV)

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