A Christian in a Jehovah’s Witness Bible Study: Part 6

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Lesson 6 in my study with my Jehovah’s Witness friend “Craig,” using the book Enjoy Life Forever! was “How Did Life Begin?” This was a lesson that I mostly agreed with, so again I had an opportunity for a friendly visit.

But wait a minute, there was another man there! Craig had invited another JW to meet with us, which was a surprise to me. Actually, it was no surprise. I suspected he would eventually bring in one or more of his elders to check me out. They do that. They want to see if the recruit is “rightly disposed” to learning truth from them (aka “honest-hearted” or “worthy.”) That phrase “rightly disposed” comes from their translation of Acts 13:48, where other translations say something like “those who were appointed” to eternal life. It goes with their recent heightened rhetoric to not have any conversations with “opposers” or “apostates,” but only talk with those who are open to their message.

So I figured the visiting elder would be judging me to determine whether or not I was worth Craig’s time, or if I had another agenda. (The fact is, I do have another agenda, but I do also want to be ongoing friends with JW’s, and I am always open to learning from them, at least learning about what they believe and teach, even if I don’t plan on converting. I wouldn’t cut off an atheist, or give up on a pagan, or even abandon a fake “Christian.” Would they give up on Saul, before he became Paul?) Of course I was nervous. After we were introduced, I asked the brother if he was an elder. He admitted he was. Oh boy, here we go. Lord, help me speak the truth but remain in good standing.

It turns out, our conversation went very well. We went through the lesson, and I made comments that only commended what the lesson was teaching. I talked about intelligent design, and creation ex nihilo, and missing links. We went through the lesson in a friendly way, and were all smiling at the end.

Things got a little more controversial in the next lesson, the following week. Stay tuned!



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3 responses to “A Christian in a Jehovah’s Witness Bible Study: Part 6

  1. We have seen already several postings of you in the past and from them we wonder if your intentions are honest and could agree with an elder wondering if it is still worth investing time in you.
    We also do believe you “have another agenda” than finding the Truth. Because life is very short people have to use it useful. Therefore Jesus gave advice to his talmidim not to waste time in a place when no people would want to listen to them. He advised the apostles to continue their way in such instance.

    It is good to read you have already changed a lot and are saying now that you are “always open to learning from them, at least learning about what they believe and teach, even if I don’t plan on converting.” But normally when teaching and preaching conversion should not be to bring people into a certain religious group but in first instance the preaching effort should make people come to recognise Jesus Christ as the son of god (and not a god son), the sent one from God and the anointed one from God who is now a mediator between God and man. Next to bringing people to believe in Christ as the way to God, it is a matter to have people come to believe that there is Only One True God, and that is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jakob, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jesus and his apostles, Who is the God of Israel Who no man can see. That last bit seems a very difficult matter for a lot of people. They want to have a god they can see and in which they can find themselves.

    • You question whether my intentions are honest. I think I need to clarify what I said. I believe my intentions to be entirely honest. You ask whether I have “another agenda” other than finding the truth. Finding the truth is not synonymous with accepting the Watchtower doctrine, or the doctrine of the Belgian Bible students, or any other human religious organization. I seek the truth as found in the Bible, not an organization’s interpretation of the Bible. I believe that God’s Holy Spirit has led me into the truth, as promised in John 16:13. Do I have all the truth 100% correct? No. That is why I am always willing to learn from others. I will seriously consider what others claim about God, Jesus, and the truth, and compare it with scripture as the Bereans did (Acts 17). When I believe others to be in error, I will endeavor to point out that error, citing scriptural support for my view. It is my solemn duty to warn others of error. That is what I’m seeking to do with my JW friends. The only way they seem to be able to hear me is if I participate in their Bible study and other programs, and even then they’re only reluctantly open to the seeds that I attempt to plant. Those are my honest intentions. What are your intentions as you interact with me and others here? Are you open to considering others’ views as possibly being something you can learn from, or is your mind already made up about everything?

      • Our intentions are seeing how you progress in finding the Biblical Truth and how you try to handle those people who are in that American organisation which(according to us) uses a form of indoctrination in their study method and who give those few people of the Board a greater infallibility Catholics are giving their Pope.

        We are always open to hear what others say and if you would see at our writings, are never afraid to bring our members and readers of our platforms in contact with other opinions. We do not believe any organisation has all the Biblical truth neither do we know all things, because a lot of matters are still in the unknown (like when Jesus would return or when World War III would start).

        Your final questions already show a bias against us and other (presumably Bible students)..

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