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How To Interact With Jehovah’s Witnesses During the Covid Pandemic

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Boy, I sure miss the days of interacting with Jehovah’s Witnesses in person, face-to-face. (Yes, I like talking with them. Yes, I’m weird. My regular readers know this about me.) I keep hoping I’ll turn the corner and see them at their carts, but so far they’re not meeting in kingdom halls or doing the live preaching work, even though all the other churches in “Christiandom” are meeting. I find their seemingly paranoid response to Covid strange, and it makes me wonder whether (1) they’re waiting for Covid to fully blow over, rather than risking an on-again, off-again meeting policy, or (2) they’re taking advantage of this crisis to convert their religion to an online-only religion and plan on selling off all their “brick and mortar” facilities, or (3) they believe that this crisis is leading up to the final days of the last of the last days before Armageddon hits, and they’re hunkering down in preparation for persecution. Their members don’t seem to be aware of the real motivation of the governing body either. Because the governing bully is not saying anything, the members are not willing to speculate about it–that would be “voicing their personal opinion,” which they’re not allowed to do.

Anyway, how are we to have an influence on Jehovah’s Witnesses, if they’re not at our door or on the street? Here’s what I have been doing for ministry to JW’s during Covid.

First, there’s Facebook, and possibly other social media platforms. I have joined a number of Facebook groups, including those by JW’s, and those of non-JW’s. In the JW-run groups, I have respectfully and politely submitted questions to get the JW friends to think. I do the same in the non-JW run groups, because there are curious JW’s that cruise those groups, and will sometimes interact. (They’re forbidden to do so by their leaders, but some are doing it on the down-low.) FYI, if you interact with any JW’s in these groups, know that God is at work in them, because it takes a certain amount of courage on their part to interact with opposers at all. They are conditioned to fear demonic influences by interacting with me and you. For them to talk with you at all, they must be having serious doubts and conflicts going on in their minds and hearts to motivate them to investigate any sources outside of their own literature.

Secondly, I have written letters and emails. Because JW’s are not doing public ministry, they’re engaged in a letter-writing campaign, writing letters to random addresses that they obtain from (I assume) phonebooks or other public-access sources. If you haven’t received a letter from a JW, you may get one sometime soon. I received such a letter at my home, and have been a pen-pal with a JW for two rounds of writing to each other now. In addition, one of my fellow Facebook group members had permission from a JW to give out their name and address for interaction with interested parties, so have written to that JW as well.

Thirdly, I have done some emailing. A Facebook group member provided the email address for a Kingdom hall, so I wrote an email to that address with a question. I have been able to interact by email with an elder from that congregation for several rounds of question-and-answer.

Phoning and texting have been another means of communication with Jehovah’s Witnesses. I have phoned my long-time JW friend Mark, asking if I could stop by his house and drop off a book. (He is much more open than your typical JW to outside sources of information.) I ended up having a nice visit with him, live and in person! I have also been texting another JW friend, Craig, who had been doing a “Bible study” with me by Zoom, but has remained open to texting with me after cutting off our study. (See my previous posts about my experience with him.)

Speaking of Zoom, I was given the access code by a JW for attending the annual memorial (JW communion) by Zoom, where Craig recognized me and invited me to join him for the “Bible study”.

So there you have several ways to interact with JW’s. Facebook is probably the easiest–you can begin that right away. Start joining groups and leaving your comments and questions. I actually think it’s fun! Keep an eye out for leads within those groups for more ministry opportunities; you may be provided with phone numbers, email addresses, or snail mail addresses for interacting with JW’s.

If you have found other ways to interact with JW’s during the Covid chaos, please share them in the comments below. Thank you!



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