By “going undercover” among the Jehovah’s Witnesses, I mean that so far they think that I’m an interested Bible student, and thus a prospect for possibly becoming a new Jehovah’s Witness. They do not yet seem to know that I have ulterior motives. if they knew, my JW friends would be forbidden to meet with me or even talk with me.
What is my hidden agenda? I am a born-again, evangelical Christian, seeking to influence them away from their dependency on the Watchtower Society, and toward a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


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  1. Hey undercover , are you still witnessing to the witnesses. …?

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  3. To go to a place and to keep contact with people from one or the other congregation just to influence them away from their faith or church does not seem to be so nice, and not very Christian-like.

    No objection you want them to get them away from the dependency on the Watchtower Society, On August 2016 your phrasing on the about page is not so clear if you want them also to steer away from or just the opposite want them to influence them positively toward a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

    Though noticing you accept less the words of Jesus than they do, we think they probably have a better relationship with the son of god who really died for our sins.

  4. Hey UCJW…I looked for a place to “contact” you by email but since I couldn’t find one, I guess I have to do it this way. Just wanted to ok it with you before I repost any of your great stories on Facebook (i’m in some jw/christian groups. (who knows…maybe i know you from one of them?)
    If you wanna chat, come back to my blog and go to the contact section for my email.

  5. What your ulterior motives may be, trying to get believers in the One and Only God away from that Divine Creator shall perhaps or hopefully, one day become countered by their deep rooted faith in the truth.

    We do hope you once shall come to believe in the sent one from God, him being the son of God and the way to God. We sincerely hope you shall come to find that Jesus is the way to salvation and that you shall have to come to believe in him, so that one day you shall go for looking for a real Christian denomination where they worship the real God of Jesus, Who is the God of Abraham and the God who everybody should come to worship.

    That you may be guided by people who can help you to find the way to God. As such the literature of the JW can be a very good help to bring you on the right path. Hopefully by studying with them your eyes shall be opened and shall have you decide to go for the Biblical Truth and not for human dogma’s.

    • Hello Belgian Student,
      I do believe in the sent one from God, and by that I mean that not only do I believe facts about him, but I have put my trust in his work on my behalf, being my ransom sacrifice for the forgiveness of my sins, enabling me to have a close, intimate relationship with Jehovah. I hope you will come to the place of putting your trust in what Jesus did for you, and that you begin a relationship with the Father apart from works or allegiance to any earthly, human organization. I encourage you to read scripture apart from any other literature. God’s word will accomplish its work, according to Isaiah 55:11.

      • Lovely to hear you believe in the sent one from God and do not believe that Jesus is an incarnation, or God, having come to the earth, like lots of anti-JW and anti God-lovers as well as a lot of people, who call themselves “Christian”, think.

        We have no problem at all putting our trust in Jesus, because we are convinced he is the authorised one of God who is the mediator between God and man, what lots of so called Christians do not believe, because they have made Jesus into their god and as such he can not be a mediator between himself and people would always have only God to talk to and to consider Him.

        We first of all know we have to make an effort = a work, to build up a good relationship with God. You yourself advice us to begin a relationship with God, and as such say to us we should do an effort or undertake something and than you contradict yourself by saying we do not have to do any works any more. So we do not have to control ourselves, can sin and do whatever we want to do (according your way of thinking)?!?

        You seem to forget we are Biblestudents , which normally would and should incorporate that we base ourselves and our belief on Scripture and take the Bible as our most important Guidebook, not giving ourselves to human doctrines (like for example the Trinity).

        That Guide for life clearly indicates that people should come to love God and should come to follow His commandments, which you seem not to believe or think it would not take some (hard) work from you, us and others, to keep such commandments. That would be great that you would always be able to do God His Will and would not have to take care not to become angry or cross with some one else. But to be honest we ourselves do find we have to work every day at our character, plus we never met some one without fault, so that makes us very curious about your personality and makes us wonder what you then are doing in that organisation of the JW? Are you not delivering any work and have you not certain intentions and for what reason?

        It is great you have not taken Jesus as your god. That is already one good step to be a good Christian. But did you undertake the following steps? Having become baptised for example? (Would you not consider that an undertaking or a work to be done?)
        Keeping up the faith is that according to you not necessary and does that not require some work from you or from any believer?

        Why has Jesus told all those parables about people missing the boat when according to you there is no need of works?

      • I am curious about your view of a couple of Bible verses. What do you make of Ephesians 2:8-9, which says that “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast.” Also Titus 3:5, which says “he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy.” What’s your interpretation of those verses?
        I also think of the criminal that was killed alongside Jesus, of whom Jesus said, “You will be with me in paradise.” What good works could he do to earn his salvation, while he was stuck on the cross or stake? Let me know what you think. Thank you for your interaction!

      • The quote says it all “by grace you have been saved, through faith”. through faith in Christ Jesus and his God people shall receive salvation by the Grace of God. It is given for free, but like any present you get, when you do not do anything with it you shall be nothing. If I give you a limousine and you do not open the door, do not put the key into the start-lock, do not take the wheel, do not push the gas-pedal, do not drive carefully, you shall not get to any place where you might dream of.

        Romans 4:16 goes also into this telling that is why it is through faith, so that it might be according to undeserved kindness, because we as sinful people shall always be in the fault. But in order for the promise to be sure to all of Jesus his offspring, not only to those who adhere to the Law but also to those who adhere to the faith of Abraham, who is the father of us all there shall be the opportunity to be partakers of the Body of Christ and of the salvation. But you seem to overlook how we should do works of faith and how not only the parables of Jesus point to that fact but also the letters of the apostles give guidance about that.

        You seem to ignore the apostles their writings and their question “what benefit is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but he does not have works? That faith cannot save him, can it? (James 14:2)

        Faith, like muscles of the human body, must be nourished and also exercised, if spiritual atrophy is to be avoided. James strikingly emphasized the necessity of displaying one’s faith by means of godly works. He wrote: “Indeed, as the body without breath is dead, so also faith without works is dead.” (Jas. 2:26) These are not works of the Law given by Jehovah to the Israelites, but are activities that show a person possesses faith. (Gal. 2:15, 16) Abraham certainly proved he had faith by his willingness to offer up his son Isaac as a sacrifice. Abraham’s faith “worked along with his works and by his works his faith was perfected.” For putting his faith in Jehovah, righteousness was counted to Abraham by God, the patriarch coming to be called “Jehovah’s friend.” Rahab, who hid the Israelite spies, also thus had works to back up her faith and she was declared righteous by those works.​—Jas. 2:18-25; Joshua chapter 2

        In the letter to Titus we are told that by means of the bath that brought us to life which was done by more than one work, namely first learning about God, secondly coming to know Christ, 3ly repenting for previous sin, 4ly offering yourself to God and to the community of believers by baptism. Without the intention nor the work to become clean and pure and in line with God there can not take place a baptism and as such there can also not take place a renewal by holy spirit.
        In Deuteronomy 9:5 is already said that it is not because of our righteousness or the uprightness of our heart that we are going in to take possession of the Holy Land. We can become inhabitants of that Land because of the wickedness of these nations that Jehovah our God is driving them away from beforeus and in order to carry out the word that Jehovah swore to our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, when we do want to accept them as our forefathers. When we do not undertake the work of accepting them and accepting Jesus we shall not belong to those who may go through the small gate of the Kingdom of God.

        You also ask “What good works could he do to earn his salvation, while he was stuck on the cross or stake? ” forgetting that Jesus had done many good works and had proven not to prefer to do his own will but to please God by doing His will. If we try to do God His Wishes He shall also be pleased with us and reward us for that like He also rewarded Jesus for what he had done.
        God made Jesus higher than the angels (remember he was lower than them). God also took him as the first out of the dead to say out of death. Jehovah God also took Jesus to be a High Priest for him in the highest priest order. An other reward for Jesus is that he was taken into heaven and allowed to sit next to God to be a mediator between God and man.

      • You said: “through faith in Christ Jesus and his God people shall receive salvation by the Grace of God. It is given for free, but like any present you get, when you do not do anything with it you shall be nothing.” I would agree that the free gift must be received, but receiving the gift is not a work. As it says in Ephesians 2:8-9, “NOT by works.” Our good works are evidence of our faith’s authenticity. Our good works are like the vital signs (breathing, pulse, etc.) that indicate the presence of life. If someone does not demonstrate good works after claiming to have faith, then that alleged faith is dead, or non-existent.
        When you say “Faith, like muscles of the human body, must be nourished and also exercised, if spiritual atrophy is to be avoided,” you’re straying from what the Bible says. I do not find this analogy in scripture. In your same paragraph, you are correct to say that works are “activities that show a person possesses faith,” and in Abraham’s case, “proved he had faith.” I also agree that “for putting his faith in Jehovah, righteousness was counted to Abraham by God.” This imputation of righteousness preceded his good works. And I think I agree when you say that Rahab had works that “backed up her faith,” if you mean that her works of obedience were evidence of her living faith, aka her trust in Yahweh.
        Your last paragraph seems to indicate that you didn’t understand my point. What I was trying to say was that the criminal killed next to Jesus had no works to justify himself before God. How could he? He was stuck on the cross or stake! He couldn’t do anything. It was only his faith, or trust in Jesus, that obtained his salvation. He received the free gift of grace.
        The gift of salvation is not like a car that must be driven around. It is like an inheritance that is legally yours, that you receive in a moment’s time, like when someone’s will is read upon their death. That is the imagery found in the Bible, is it not?

      • Wen we look at this world than we should say that the majority calling themselves Christian, first of all have not the faith like Christ, but worship a three headed god, and secondly do not show the works of faith, and according to your saying are then dead, because their faith is than like “or non-existent.” Okay perhaps at the end of their life they shall come to accept Jesus as their saviour and son of God, instead as their god; and shall then repent for their sins and as such still shall be able to receive the grace of salvation. We do with that, at the end of our life we shall have to show that we have made the right choice, though we do not believe a person can live badly with the knowledge that when he would come to his end and quickly repent that he than would be saved. that would be too easy, would it not? No a person can not go on living like a thief or murderer and than at the end quickly could switch the button to ‘saved’. We do take notice of the many parables and take into account the letters the apostles wrote as well. And they do show a totally different picture. therefore we invite you to read the many articles on our site but also on other sites like ‘From Guestwriters’ and the ‘Christadelphian Ecclesia’ to get a better picture.

      • Thank you for the invitation. I will take a look at those sites.

      • In our article of June 16 on Matthew 13 we speak about the parables and the blindness in the Christian world and why certain people shall never come to insight but also not to salvation. Please have a look at it and at the additional readings.

      • May we ask you: do you really think you do not have to take up your responsibility and have to follow God’s commandments, because you are saved, and as such can keep telling lies, pick things from others, can have many sexual lusts and several intimate friends of the same and different sex, or even can rape people, have sex with animals, murder people etc.? Because for not doing many of those things people shall have to control their inner feelings and lusts and as such shall have to do a lot of work.

      • I never said that we do not have to take up our responsibility and obey Jesus’ commandments. That will be the expected fruit of our faith. Like I said, if there are no good works in evidence, the faith is dead or non-existent; there was not authentic faith to begin with.

      • do you also think people can keep joining in in human traditions, like the heathen feasts of Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc. and worship the many gods and idols and shall still be partakers of the Kingdom of God?

      • Some holidays, festivals, traditions, and other practices done in our culture are pagan. Some are godly. And some are neutral and are matters of conscience. For some people, the god they worship is simply their own comfort and/or selfishness. Those are idols of mine that I’m working on defeating. What are some of yours?

      • So you believe people do not at all have to follow Scriptural teachings and can follow any human philosophy, because they can count on it that they are saved.

      • I never said that. How did you jump to that conclusion?

      • Because you said people have to do no works.Keeping up to God’s commandments is a work a.o. demanding to control one self keeping in line with a character according God’s wishes.

      • How do you cope with the warning Jesus gives: “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders.” The followers of your teachings you probably tell they do not have to worry because they are saved, but do you really believe that and are you not by your teaching misleading many people?

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  7. From the reactions here, it looks like the fighter againstthe JW got so much blinded that by focussing on the JW organisation he did not come to see the true biblical teachings they could be teaching. The owner of this blog also seems to live with the assurance that every body is saved and as such can do whatever he or she likes (making that nobody should be worrying about masturbating, having sexual fantasies, even not having to worry about steeling, telling lies or even murdering or killing). The undercover JW blogger as such may be a woolf in sheepskin, forgetting that the most important and primal task or work to be done is to Repent. Without repentance a person shall not receive salvation!

  8. Looking at the sinners next to Christ, you should see what work is in first instance necessary to receive salvation. The murderer showed his regret for wrong doing; His act of feeling guilty and having pity for it, brought him Jesus to give him hope to be their with Christ in the near future.

    • In case everybody is saved and does not have to do any work, why did jesus not tell the other one also that he would be with him?

      • The other murderer did not repent and as such did not do an essential work to receive salvation and as such the free gift of Salvation was of no value for him. The Bible tells also about the second death which shall be there for all those who did not manage to go through the small gate or fell off the small road to the Kingdom of God (by not doing the works of faith or not keeping to God’s commandments.)

      • Too many, who call themselves Christian, do forget to see the essence of Christ’s his parables and do not understand them nor the teachings about the parousia-judment and for those who do not believe in works to be done one can ask who then shall be the ones Jesus is speaking about who’ll receive the second death?

      • People should be very careful with their idea that they should not do any work any more.

        We might truly look to Christ, but mix this or that or something else with Christ which is not of him, stuff that eventually won’t stand, in the words of the text here, will not endure the test of the fire.

        Problem with all of us is that we are sinners and as such can not escape the penalty for our sins, which is are death.
        Love and truth must be paramount. We all fail, or don’t completely measure up to the stature of Christ, to be sure. But together we should be growing up into that likenesss to and maturity in him. Not in any human leader, except that we follow them (as Paul wrote) as they follow Christ. It is not a connection with one or an other church that is going to save us, and as such the teaching of the JW that you have to belong to them to be saved is not according to Scriptures but their own thought to get enough members.
        Whatever we personally do and whatever we chooses to do or which way we do want to god shall be accounted for. We should know that our character is revealed, and with those hard parts comes opportunity. In the meantime we need to repent where needed, and grow together no less into the image of the Lord through whom we live. Too many overlook that part of growing and forget the parables of the seed and weeds and what would happen to the thistles.

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