Attending a Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall Meeting


All seats filled? Never seen that.

Recently there have been a number of signs indicating to me that I have been “blacklisted” by the local Jehovah’s Witnesses. It began with one of the local elders questioning my motivations for engaging the JW’s in conversations. (See my accounts of encounters with him here and here and here.) Next, when I attempted numerous times to schedule Bible studies with my friend Aaron, he continually offered lame excuses as to why he couldn’t meet with me. When I asked him in a phone conversation what the real reason was, he avoided the question and said he had to go. Finally, I had a good visit at my front door with two new JW’s, who promised to return the next week, but they haven’t shown up since. I think someone got to them.

So I approached the kingdom hall last night with concern that I would be shunned, ignored, avoided, and otherwise given the cold shoulder. But far from it! Everyone was very friendly and willing to talk. I discussed nothing doctrinal, limiting my conversations to friendly talk about work, remembering peoples’ names, health, weather; essentially anything except what really matters. That was difficult. I was itching to share with my JW friends what they have been missing out on–scads of kingdom privileges and benefits that they’re being denied by the governing bully. (For a partial list of some of those benefits, see just about any of my previous posts.) But I held my tongue, knowing that keeping the relationships alive is, at this point, vital. If I’m labeled as an “opposer” or antagonistic, every one of them will avoid any kind of conversation with me. Any kind. At all. Today I’m rejoicing that the “cutting off” hasn’t happened.

The one elder, whom I will call “Carl,” (even though I’m tempted to label him “my nemesis”), did not interact with me. Neither did I pursue any conversation with him. We greeted each other with smiles and “hello,” but that’s all. I know that he was eavesdropping on a couple of my conversations with others, but otherwise he just left me alone. Having confidence in the Lord that I was His ambassador, I felt no fear of the man Carl, or anybody else. I knew that I was representing Jesus, even though I was only engaged in small talk. Relationships were being nurtured, and at least for now, I’m still seen as an interested Bible student.

Some observations about the meeting itself, which I believe indicate some recent trends:

(1) There were a number of slanderous statements aimed at “Christiandom,” that they provide no training to their people, that they don’t know anything about the Bible, that they have nothing to offer, that they blame Jehovah for disasters, etc. Broad, sweeping generalizations.

(2) I noticed several references to “upholding Jehovah’s sovereignty” or its opposite, “profaning God’s name.” Obedience to the org is equated with upholding Jehovah’s sovereignty, bringing the humble individual into a drama of cosmic proportions. The members of Christiandom are depicted as only capable of profaning Jehovah’s name, disobeying his laws and sullying his reputation. In a previous post I mentioned the revival of an old doctrine known as “The vindication of God’s sovereignty,” and I predicted increasing references to it. (See that post here.) And thus it has begun, becoming part of the “theocratic language” (JW-speak) of the rank-and-file members. Get ready to hear more and more references to it, both in the JW publications and videos, and by individual members.


(3) One of the Bible studies this time around was about Ezekiel’s temple, found in the Bible beginning at Ezekiel 40. Now, I must confess that this is one of the most perplexing passages of scripture for me, and, I believe, for all Christians. If you take the description of Zeke’s temple literally, then where and when does this temple exist? And why? If it’s in the future, what would be the necessity of animal sacrifices again? If you tend to spiritualize or take the passage symbolically, what is it symbolic of? And what do you do with all the details? In the past the problem tended to be “solved” using elaborate typology, which is a can of very subjective worms, easily corrupted by personal theological or prophetic preferences. Anyway, it seems that Watchtower is interpreting the vision as symbolic of present kingdom realities, which puts them dangerously close to the fanciful interpretations they recently warned about in their literature (see Watchtower, study edition, March 2015, “This Is the Way You Approved”).

Oh, my, this post is a rambling one. Well, it just shows how my mind was working during the meeting. If you’re a Christian attempting to reach JW’s, God bless you. And of you’re a JW researching the real Truth, God bless you, from your friend #undercoverjw.



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5 responses to “Attending a Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall Meeting

  1. UCJW You’re in my prayers. So is Mark..and the others…and I’ll add your nemesis to the list. =) Do you suppose Jehovah needs us to uphold his sovereignty?? somehow that sounds a little nuts to me. May He bless your efforts in this covert operation and draw many to Christ…who, Himself, actually IS the Truth.

  2. TJ

    Why not just be upfront about who you are and your “ulterior motives”?

  3. A turning point has occurred where “end times”, Armageddon, is to be taken more seriously than ever before. Because of the words about the world going to “hell in a handbasket”, if for no other reason people have gone from those who once cared, to apathetic, to sociopathic, a temporary peace must be established. Higher crime rates, more heinous crimes than ever before, especially involving children, out of control identify theft, institutions making illegal charges, including banks with illegal over-draft fees and the derivatives that never went away, and collection agencies will not take “no” for an answer, with remote skimmers, higher resolution scanners for remote sensing and anti-aliasing forgery where thieves are impossible to catch or prosecute, means no one is safe. Financial theft, greed, the greatest and most uncontrollable of sins, for this reason requires a more secure and more convenient solution – the Mark of the Beast, or Verichip. It has a higher proposed transistor density from carbonate with more chip volume than the chip on credit and debit cards, therefore more levels of encryption, and the increasing number of thieves, who are still outnumbered and have an inferior (but more high-tech) state of mind, will have to have the RFID chip implant themselves to buy things like other recipients. That way, your smart phone will proactively, and as a deterrent, sound an alarm if near someone with a criminal record of theft, or record meeting a threshold of accusations of theft, as well as other crimes. Everyone, including the use of more effective ankle bracelets with a private posse, and AI for facial-recognition software for covert cameras, is under some form of house arrest. Revelation Chapter 13 makes clear you must wear this “mark” on the right hand or forehead everywhere in the world to engage in commerce, possibly God’s punishment for greed and being complacent for a society depending too much on money to “do too well”. But this leads to an evil double-standard with the abuse of power, and those who concede to it. Cranial implants, used now for quadriplegics, has many applications, and could mean the mark on the forehead. This technology can be used to find missing people, keep them a distance away from parolees/sex offenders, and read vital signs to extend life spans much cheaper and better than spending too much time and money in hospitals, so insurance companies will gladly pay for it. Christ only saves those who don’t wear the mark, according to Revelation.

    Diminishing tax revenues from discovery by the increasing numbers of people of International tax shelters, and more tax bankruptcies than ever before, means the collapse of three empires, the nations, and the large cities, who rely on tax money more than non-big cities. Jesus Christ wipes out all who are non-Christian, the Christians and the saints are persecuted through seven years of trials and tribulations, as Christ said 2,000 years ago He would return to divide with the sword, turn the young against their elders, because of the failure to appreciate the forgiveness of debt. He forgave everyone’s debt, then the slave immediately killed his master, and proclaimed all to be hypocrites.

    Have people not changed only for the worst? “Those that leadeth into captivity must be lead into captivity. Those who killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the perseverance and the faith of the saints.” – Revelation 13:10. And indeed, many police officers have increasingly gone to jail, with more vigilante retaliation, much like when the Roman Empire fell.

    If prophesy only fulfills itself because of what I do, the “detail in the devil” you get here and not elsewhere forces the individual, Christian or non-Christian, to make much better decisions, for self and family and community, as divide and conquer is happening and was always inevitable, and proof of devolution (which is proof of creationism, the thermodynamic laws and entropy, where everything is perfect in the beginning, but gets worse over time) leads to evolution or massive self-destruction of the apathetic or other overly-self-absorbed states of mind.
    Christians must unite or suffer the possibility of a fate possibly worse than death, coming from one originally atheist/agnostic, who found God based on the overwhelming evidence, not faith or paranormal phenomena.

    Sincerely with verification,
    James Dante Wood

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    • Glory Devlin, I’m not sure how to reply to your comment, because I’m not seeing the connection between it and my original post. Can you tell me why you commented in this way? Thanks.

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